The Industrial Strength Webcast Platform with Technical Support

Updated daily based on client suggestions and requirements

Created for Professional Live Stream Producers

The Webcast Platform (TWP) is an industry-leading white label, scaleable webcasting platform that comes with a 100% guarantee.

Everything needed to deliver branded multi-featured webcasts.

  • Fast custom coding and design.
  • API development for integration with other web services.
  • Unlimited live stream accounts + auto recording.

Finally, a platform that can do it all, complete with 24/7 support. Whether you need high security 2-factor authentication; a virtual Annual Meeting with complex, advanced voting, or a hybrid conference - the Platform has you covered.


The Webcast Platform is unique in two ways: Our goal is to promote you, not us. And unlike other services, we offer the highest level of technical and logistical support including live audience assistance on every webcast plus access to our developers and designers to meet exacting requirements.

ISO Benchmarks

The Platform's architecture was built with Microsoft Azure and meets the ISO/IEC 27000 family of standards.

Highest Security

Passwords, domain restriction, email confirmation and 2-factor authentication. Live streaming accounts are 100% secure, powered by Akamai adaptive media delivery.

Regulation Compliant

Webcasts are accessible on all browsers and operating systems, are screen-reader friendly and meet all accessibility standards including the EU General Data Protection Regulation, 

Worldwide Reach

Serve international audiences with webcasts in English, French, Spanish, Chinese and other languages.

100% Guarantee

Our technology, live streams and programming are 100 per cent guaranteed. You'll benefit from rock solid stability and unlimited scaleability due to our Cloud based infrastructure and 24-7 monitoring.

Feature Rich

Everything you would expect from an industrial-strength professional platform and more. Customized registration, detailed metrics + tracking, adaptive and low latency stream accounts plus advanced polling, surveys and voting.

Professional Tools for Professional Producers

The Webcast Platform was created for professional producers. Contact your event service provider and ask about the Webcast Platform. If you don't have a service provider who is familiar with the Platform, contact us and we'll connect you. 

Virtual Annual / Shareholder Meetings Done Right

The Platform hosts many virtual Annual Meetings due to its all-in-one interface and advanced voting options. Quorum status + class, weighted, proxy and on-the-fly motion capability + voter and non-voter access and digital auditing with viewer tracking provide everything needed for an efficient, enjoyable business meeting.


Unlike most other platforms, the Webcast Platform developers can create integration with other services in which API coding is possible. Zoom, Aventri, Slido, EventBright, Simply Voting and many others appear and operate seamlessly within a single interface.

Invite the Audience

Audience interactivity options include the traditional question and answer boxes + chat, but you can also invite audience members to speak and be seen. Invited attendees appear in a queue and can be let in one at a time.

Producer Friendly

Major A/V companies, corporate event planners and independent producers use the Webcast Platform. We are here to help you reach your audiences effectively and grow your business. Whenever you need advice or help, just reach out and we'll respond quickly.

Experience Counts. 

The Webcast Platform was one of the first streaming platforms in the world. Today, it remains the trusted destination for serious webcasters. 


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Screen Shots

Take a sneak preview of the Webcast Platform with these screen shots. Hover over an image and click the + sign to enlarge. 

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Typical login

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Programming of polls

Reports 1

Live Page

Registration - Spanish

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Survey results

Reports 2

Live page with chat

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Registration data

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Audience questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Webcast Platform is constantly expanding to include the latest technologies and best practices. Here are a few questions we get asked often.

  • The platform is designed for audio/video specialists, IT practitioners and live stream producers (service providers). Your service provider may refer you to this website for more information about the Platform. If you don't have a service provider, contact us and we will refer you to an appropriate provider. 

  • First and foremost, the platform is "white label" which means it has no branding. Instead, we believe in promoting our clients and their brands. The platform is not part of social media, providing a clean interface that is free of clutter and distraction. We provide customization that goes far beyond what is available with off-the-shelf products in order to meet exacting client needs. You have  access to our developers and designers. Finally, the platform is 100% scaleable to meet any delivery objective.

  • Can the platform host any kind of virtual event? And can it display webcasts on other web sites?

    The Platform can host any kind of virtual event, including those with breakout webcasts, seamless zoom integration, on-demand videos and sponsorship pages. Custom embed codes can display registration, login and live webcasts on any website or combination of web sites so that everything appears to originate from your organization.



Contact us for more information or to connect with one of our certified service providers. Email us at: [email protected].